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Find a cost-effective, innovative solution that fits your businesses individualized needs. 

Common Questions

"How do I choose the right plan for my business?"
The Boost and Growth Programs are based on the starting point on your socials, and whether you need expert guidance or full management. Feel free to reach out via our chat function, or through a Discovery Call below. 
"What results does SociaCourse promise its partners?"
SociaCourse works with each partner to determine their goals in social media, and creates the path to achieving them. All SociaCourse partners experience greater reach, impressions, and followers during their partnership.
"What makes SociaCourse different from other social media agencies?"
We, unlike most agencies, don't believe in one-size-fits-all. As a small, Gen-Z startup, SociaCourse invests time into finding the most effective and efficient solutions for every partner, delivering results, personalization, and value.
"Why is The Growth Program so expensive?"
The Growth Program is intensive and comprehensive, requiring hours of work from multiple SociaCourse team members. The Growth Plan also delivers the most results while being cheaper than almost all other agencies and in-house digital marketers. 
"How can I stay in the loop on the progress of the socials?'
Both solutions offer monthly Conferences for the SociaCourse team to both update you on your month's progress, and gain insight feedback from you. Additionally, both solutions include a dossier that explains the month's key OKRs and strategy.
"Why do I have to join the programs for three months minimum?"
Because of the volatility of social platforms, changes and solutions take time to implement and reach fruition. Thus, multiple months are needed to truly gauge and visualize progress toward your business goals.

Book a Discovery Call Now

Find the solution best for you
  • The Boost Program

    Every month
    For businesses with established, stagnant socials
    Valid for 3 months
    • Online Conferences with your Digital Marketing Specialist
    • OKR and Strategy Dossiers
    • Access to SociaCourse's Online Support Team
  • The Growth Program

    Every month
    For businesses with no social presence
    Valid for 3 months
    • Online Conferences with your Digital Marketing Specialist
    • OKR and Strategy Dossiers
    • Priority Access to SociaCourse's Online Support Team
    • Full Hands-Off Instagram Management
    • 16-28 Static Posts
    • 28 Stories
    • Double Comment Engagement
    • Account Niche Engagement
    • DM Automation
    • Dedicated Social Media Consultant
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