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Our Story


SociaCourse was founded at a San Francisco startup incubator by six Gen-Z co-founders. With expertise in digital marketing and social media, we recognized potential: businesses can grow entirely on social media. But, we also found a problem for small businesses: growth on social media is time-intensive and capital-intensive. We created SociaCourse as the most cost-effective solution for businesses to sustain social media success. As Gen-Z innovators, our team is constantly discovering new tactics for growth and iterating.

Our Team

Minh N. Do


Student at Carnegie Mellon University, Minh's focus is quantitative business in social media. Minh previously ran MD Marketing, which curated digital marketing and CSR strategies for for and non-profit organizations. 

Nakshatra Piduri


A STEM Researcher, Nakshatra also serves as the Founder and CEO of ThinkText, empowering innovation and research in communication technologies. Nakshatra has key experience in I/O Psychology and HR. 

Brandon D. Arita


As an entrepreneur, Brandon also serves as the Co-Founder of aviquo, an education service. Brandon specializes in business creation, iteration, and the sales funnel. Brandon has also grown non-profit organizations.

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